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The Daniel Prayer by Anne Graham Lotz (book)
9780310262909 | | Zondervan
hardcover, 288 pages, $22.99
Release Date: May 10, 2016
Anne Graham Lotz has found that while prayer does work, sometimes the “pray-ers” don’t. So she has turned to the prophet Daniel for help. This book will help readers pray effectively for their nation, for their families, and for themselves.
I Am Potential (dvdvideo)
095163888664 | Bridgestone Multimedia Group (Anchor Distributors)
DVD | $19.95
Release Date: May 9, 2016
A father’s journey to help his blind and wheelchair-bound son overcome impossible odds and allow the world to see his God-given potential.
The Quieting by Suzanne Woods Fisher (book)
9780800723217 | | Baker Publishig Group
softcover, 352 pages, $14.99
Release Date: May 3, 2016
With the Amish church of Stoney Ridge facing a crisis, minister David Stoltzfus must decide if a Quieting will solve the problem . . . or make it worse.
Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin (book)
9780800723439 | | Baker Publishing Group
softcover, 400 pages, $14.99
Release Date: May 3, 2016
World War II pharmacist Lillian Avery is determined to ignore the attention of Ensign Archer Vandenberg, but will that change when she’s forced to work with him on a dangerous case?
ISIS, Iran, Israel by Mark Hitchcock (book)
978-0-7369-6871-3 | | Harvest House Publishers
softcover, 240 pages, $15.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
ISIS, Iran, Israel is an updated edition of Iran and Israel by Mark Hitchcock, with all-new information on ISIS, Russian involvement in Syria and Iran, and the state of relations between Israel and Iran. Hitchcock brings a strong biblical perspective to the latest in Middle Eastern conflicts.
October 31, 1517: Martin Luther and the Day that Changed the World by Martin E. Marty (book)
9781612616568 | | Paraclete Press
hardcover, 128 pages, $19.99
Release Date: May 2016
This new book by religion scholar Martin Marty, released in time for the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, shows how Martin Luther's insights still speak to the church today about reconciliation, repentance and the need for "a change of heart." Included are the 95 Theses of Martin Luther.
The Betrayed Fiancée by Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter (book)
9781634092050 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 128 pages, $6.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
New York Times Best Selling author Wanda E. Brunstetter pens a compelling new 6-part serial novel along with her daughter-in-law, Jean. In Part 3, The Betrayed Fiancée, nurse Kristi Palmer is ready to marry Joel Byler, until she discovers he’s been spending money from their joint account on his own wants. Can trust broken ever be mended?
In His Place by Harry C. Griffith (book)
9781634097666 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 288 pages, $14.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
When Pastor Long challenges his prominent but self-satisfied congregation to become a living force for Christ in their small North Georgia town, he is blindsided by personal trials. Responding to Christ’s command “As the Father has sent me, so I send you,” he tackles these difficult situations--and more--over a tumultuous week of trials and testing and ultimately learns (as he leads) what it means to walk In His Place.
The Man Minute Gift Edition by Jason Cruise (book)
9781630588823 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
DiCarta - Flexible, 256 pages, $19.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Jason Cruise—author, speaker, and producer—has taken the flat, paved, predictable road of men’s devotionals and made a hard right turn down a dirt road of insights that are raw, unfiltered, and unpredictable. Every “Man Minute” is designed to be read in sixty seconds, yet a man will carry the insights he gleans into a lifelong journey of spiritual manhood.
The Bible Promise Book for the Overwhelmed Heart by Janice Thompson (book)
9781634092234 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
DiCarta - Flexible, 224 pages, $15.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Barbour’s Bible Promise Books are perennial bestsellers, with millions of copies in print. Now, The Bible Promise Book is available in a brand-new Rest for the Overwhelmed Heart edition. Featuring dozens of timely topics—including comfort, faith, trust, God's love, grace, and dozens more—you'll encounter hundreds of verses from God's Word guaranteed to speak to your daily needs.The Bible Promise Book: Rest for the Overwhelmed Heart is ideal for personal use and for ministries.
The Bible Promise Book Devotional & Bible Memory Plan for Kids by Jean Fischer (book)
9781630588731 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 256 pages, $7.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
This guide for ages 8 to 12 is a unique pairing of the bestselling Bible Promise Book with kid-friendly devotions and a Bible memory plan. Each of 52 topics features a brief devotional reading—with an emphasis on practical application—followed by related promises and an easy-to-follow plan for scripture memorization.
Heart's Heritage by Ramona K. Cecil, Lisa Karon Richardson (book)
9781634097123 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 320 pages, $9.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Readers will enjoy an inspiring historical romance set on the early American frontier from author Ramona Cecil. Annie holds tight to the homestead her husband and father started, only to have its ownership questioned. Also includes a bonus story, The Magistrate’s Folly by Lisa Karon Richardson.
Brides of Alaska by Tracie Peterson (book)
9781634092142 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 400 pages, $12.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Three classic romances from bestselling author Tracie Peterson take readers into the wilds of Alaska. The bleak wilderness of America’s 49th state challenges three generations of women in the Erikson family in different ways, but overcoming the odds through faith will lead each to lasting love.
The Small-Town Brides Romance Collection by Janet Lee Barton, Susan K. Downs, Darlene Franklin, Pamela Griff (book)
9781634096713 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Paperback with Flaps, 448 pages, $14.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Small towns—where everybody knows your name and business. In historical communities from Massachusetts to Florida, Missouri to Texas, romance is in the air and mischief is afoot. Can nine ladies and their beaus develop lasting loves under the watchful eyes of their neighbors?
365 Family Dinners and Devotions by Kathleen Y'Barbo (book)
9781630586119 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 384 pages, $14.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
This daily, family-, faith-, and food-themed devotional is delightfully unique. . .for every recipe (one for every day of the year), there is a family-friendly dinnertime devotional as well. Each reading is themed to appeal to families of all ages and stages--with topics like priorities, prayer, encouragement, love, and dozens more.
Prayer That Has the Power to Change Your Life by David McLaughlan (book)
9781634096805 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 224 pages, $5.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Solomon prayed for wisdom. Samson prayed for strength. The leper prayed for healing. Jesus prayed for all believers. These, plus 46 more powerful prayers of the Bible are included in Prayer that Has the Power to Change Your Life. Each encouraging chapter highlights a prayer from the Bible, the prayer’s context and background, the prayer’s outcome, and practical life application and inspiration for the reader’s own life.
Prayers and Promises for Men by John H. Tiner (book)
9781630588717 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
DiCarta - Flexible, 224 pages, $15.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Barbour’s popular Prayers and Promises for Men is now available in a handsome, leather-like DiCarta cover. Featuring 200 prayer starters arranged into 50 practical topics—such as Boldness, Diligence, Manhood, Purity, and Stewardship—each prayer is complemented by scripture from the trusted King James Version of the Bible.
Bible Word Games: 150 Crosswords Without Clues by Sara Stoker (book)
9781630588830 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 192 pages, $4.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Based on the hot new Unolingo® game, this book includes 150 puzzles featuring an interlocking grid with 26 missing letters—one each from A through Z. To solve the puzzle, players must precisely insert the letters into the particular spots where they will work. . .like a letter-based Sudoku game.
Miracles All Around Us by John Van Diest (book)
978-0-7369-3803-7 | | Harvest House Publishers
softcover, 256 pages, $14.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Miracles All Around Us is a much-needed reminder that God continues to work in surprising ways to reveal Himself to us. These true-life stories of heaven touching earth, including contributions from such popular authors as Billy Graham, Philip Yancey, and Bruce Wilkinson, will fill you with the hope and assurance that God is active in the world today.
Make Room for What You Love by Melissa Michaels (book)
978-0-7369-6317-6 | | Harvest House Publishers
softcover, 224 pages, $15.99
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Stop striving for a perfect home and start shaping a home that is perfect for you! New York Times bestselling author Melissa Michaels offers ideas, examples, and encouragement to help you set monthly home and personal goals, organize people and things with ease, and personalize a freeing “clean enough” plan.
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