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True You: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Using Your Voice by dele Ahlberg Calhoun and Tracey D. Bianchi

Pressure to perform and conform starts early in a woman's life and never stops. Designed to take you deeper with God on your own or in a group, these pages offer a reminder that there is a beloved, "true you" waiting to be known in each of us.

A Love Letter from God by P. K. Hallinan

In A Love Letter From God, best-selling children’s author Hallinan supposes what God might say in a personal letter written to a child. The unconditional and unlimited nature of God’s love is revealed through simple and lyrical language. Textured illustrations and fun die-cuts are designed to appeal to children ages 3 through 8.

Descubre a Dios en momentos cotidianos by JANET RAMSDELL ROCKEY

This delightful women’s devotional celebrates the presence of the heavenly Father in life’s everyday moments. Now available in Spanish, these 180 thought-provoking readings speak to the hearts of women, sharing spiritual truths on discovering God in everyday moments—in the garden, while stuck in traffic, while observing children at play. . .anywhere.

Wonder by Travis Thrasher

As Appleton is rocked by the death of a teenager, the high school year begins under a dark shadow. Brandon pursues Marvel, who believes God told her she will have to sacrifice herself to save others. Brandon can’t forget about the shapeless evil that seems to watch him, and strange things have started to occur. He starts looking for clues about the dead student and continues to stand against the guys picking on nerdy senior Seth Belcher. Marvel falls in love with Brandon, and he accepts her faith even though he doesn’t understand what to make of it. Still, something is growing in the darkness.

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LATEST work: The Third Target (9781414336275, $26.99, January).

PUBLISHER: Tyndale House Publishers.

What is the premise of your new novel, The Third Target ?

The premise is very simply, but also—to me, at least—terrifying: What if ISIS [Islamic State of Ira...

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