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Written by Skip Prichard  
Posted on 24 January 2018
3 Steps to Turn It All Around It was the great Earl Nightingale’s voice that pulled Jim Carthart from a life of mediocrity into one pursuing greatness. In this powerful Tedx Talk, Jim explains how to believe in yourself. See …
Written by various  
Posted on 24 January 2018

Author:Bob Hostetler

I attended my first writers’ conference in 1989. Yes, I am that old. I was a magazine editor at the time, and knew absolutely nothing about writers’ conferences. Since then, ho [...]

Written by Albert Mohler  
Posted on 24 January 2018

After a case of horrific abuse, should homeschoolers in California be inspected by the state? || Parental rights and religious freedom at stake as New York officials move to control religiou [...]

Written by Dave Almack  
Posted on 23 January 2018
It was really cold in Pennsylvania this month.  So cold, in fact, that my boys and I decided the best antidote would a road trip south to visit my family in South Carolina.    With weather forecas [...]
Written by Ann Voskamp  
Posted on 23 January 2018
Your Father can’t ever do anything other than love our long-term Ultimate Self, the one He’s secretly working everything to bring to full glory.

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