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Written by Michael Hyatt  
Posted on 19 September 2014
There aren’t many phrases in English more recognizable than “the pursuit of happiness.” But what could happen if we turned it around? That’s exactly what Chris Guillebeau does in his new book, The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life. At just 36, Chris has already led an amazing […]
Written by various  
Posted on 19 September 2014

Author:Dan Balow

As a public service to our agency clients and the general Christian publishing industry (but mostly because it is a real drag being serious all the time) here are some book concepts th [...]

Written by Albert Mohler  
Posted on 19 September 2014
1) Prevention of Islamic State plot in Australia reminder of inability to know hearts of men Australia terror raids are a reminder of the jihadists Down Under, Washington Post (Ishaan Tharoor) Who is Mohammad Ali Baryalei, the man accused of conspiring to behead a stranger in Australia, Sydney Morning Herald (Rachel Olding and Megan Levy) […]
Written by Skip Prichard  
Posted on 18 September 2014
On March 13, 2013, 115 cardinals cast votes inside the Vatican to elect the next pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  At 19:06 local time, white smoke could be seen drifting upwards following the election.  The new pope, who would …
Written by B&H  
Posted on 18 September 2014
By Bobby Jamieson Why must someone be baptized as a believer in order to join a local church? Because church membership is a public affirmation of someone’s public profession of faith in Christ, and Jesus has appointed baptism as the means by [...]
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