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Knowing God by His Names by Dick Purnell

In this popular 31-day study of the names of God, internationally known speaker and author Dick Purnell, leads you into an understanding of how God’s names reveal His character and identity. Every name of God has special significance for the Christian. Learn the significance and you can change your life.

Glitter Scripture Art by Twin Sisters®

Young artists, ages 6 and up, will love to color simple pictures as they learn important biblical truths. Each scripture illustration is surrounded by a fun, "baked-on" glitter background, which means no mess! A neat spiral design helps to keep art organized until children complete the perforated coloring pages.

Bestselling author and biblical scholar Stephen J. Binz offers the first book to combine the ancient Western practice of lectio divina (sacred reading) with the lesser-known Eastern Orthodox tradition of visio divina (sacred seeing). Binz suggests a life-changing way to pray through twenty gospel readings paired with beautiful, never-before-published contemporary icons.

Hope Girl by Wendy Dunham

Twelve-year-old River must decide if she should continue living with Gram or with her father who she just met but knows little about. In this tender-sweet story, River learns to stay hopeful when facing problems. Yes, her dream does come true…but not in the way she had planned!

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