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This new cookbook offers 100-plus recipes that can be prepared in 20 minutes or less, along with fabulous tips as well as funny foodie quotes, scripture, humorous stories of cooking misadventures, and more. Recipes are arranged into 4 categories--Heart-Healthy, Soul-Fed, Time-Wise, and Company-Happy--and are accompanied by full-color photographs.
This fun, colorful board book will delight parents and kids alike, as they read through classic Bible stories. A wonderful introduction to God's Word, My First Bible Stories for Girls will encourage parents and children to share God's love through reading and music.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Conqueror of death, and, consequently, of the death of our departed ones. Let us say to them in Him, not 'Farewell,' but 'Until we meet again, beloved spouse, good parents, dear brother or sister. Until we meet again!' While many are now abandoning traditional religious practice, none the less, the reality of death and questions regarding the afterlife remain at the forefront of spiritual consciousness. How Our Departed Ones Live is the answer to those who seek the truth as expressed through the experience of the Orthodox Church. This comprehensive book discusses the source of death and mortality, the inner connection and mutual relationship between the living and the departed, intercession by the living for the departed, and life beyond the grave. It will comfort the grieving and inspire all Christians to strengthen their resolve as they seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness.
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