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Written by various  
Posted on 29 June 2016

Author:Karen Ball

Thanks to Becky McCoy for requesting advice for conference meetings with agents and editors at conferences. You can find a lot of counsel for meeting with agents on the different agen [...]

Written by Michael Hyatt  
Posted on 29 June 2016
Do You Know the Difference?. A mistake and a sin are two different things. People often confuse the two. But unless they understand the difference, there is no possibility of reconciliation.
Written by Dave Almack  
Posted on 29 June 2016
I was not there when it all began.  A young couple made a choice that would affect my life forever.  In the midst of World War II in England they decided not to cower in fear, but to advance forward [...]
Written by B&H  
Posted on 28 June 2016

Through my work with the Holman Christian Standard Bible, I recently came across research from the Barna Group stating that people don’t read the Bible for a few reasons–primarily because they don [...]

Written by Rachel McRae  
Posted on 28 June 2016
Celebrating the best in Christian Fiction The 2016 Christy Awards were announced last night!  I had the privilege of being asked to help judge the Book of the Year candidates so I’ve known for about two months which books were winners of their categories.  It’s so hard to keep that fun news contained, I tell […]
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