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Written by Adam Sabados  
Posted on 26 August 2014
This week’s guest post is from Christine Showalter. We are so excited to announce that next week we are kicking off Princess Month on Kid Talk Tuesday! Each week in September we will be featuring one of our princess-themed products, along with special guest posts from some of the authors. Stay tuned each week to [...]
Written by Rachel McRae  
Posted on 26 August 2014
New Christian marriage book from best selling author As a buyer for a chain of bookstores, there is an email that I always dread getting from publishers.  The subject line usually says something along the lines of “Drop in title.”  And I start to groan because that means extra work for me.  Publishers present their […]
Written by Chuck Swindoll  
Posted on 26 August 2014
Pastors can easily fall into the trap of money-grubbing. Or in simpler terms, we can be greedy. This is true if money winds up in the pastor’s pocket that was earmarked for some other realm of ministry. This is true...
Written by Skip Prichard  
Posted on 26 August 2014
  Actors, sports figures, musicians, and even a former United States President have been doused in ice-cold water in recent days.  If you haven’t witnessed this, you may be enjoying a summer on a remote island with no connection to …
Written by Beth Moore  
Posted on 25 August 2014
Well. I don’t know much about this past weekend in Memphis because I wasn’t there myself, but I can only imagine how the power of the Holy Spirit showed up simply based on this most excellent recap. I just told Rich this morning, one of our LPL photographers, that this is one of my favorite [...]
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