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Written by Albert Mohler  
Posted on 12 February 2016
Discovery of gravitational waves wonderful, but the universe cannot tell its story alone || Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch to make history discussing future of Christianity || Drafting mothers and daughters not only bad policy, but contrary to God's design
Written by Andrew T. Le Peau  
Posted on 11 February 2016

I beganmy first postat Andy Unedited with these words: "To write a blog, you need to have an interesting personality or provocative opinions. I have neither."

Nine years and over four hundred blogs lat [...]

Written by Stephen Mansfield  
Posted on 10 February 2016

The New Hampshire Primary on February 9th, 2016 was historic....

The postNew Hampshire: The Quixotic and the Calculatingappeared first onStephen Mansfield.TV.

Written by Selma Wilson  
Posted on 10 February 2016
In a culture that markets and sales love wrapped in images of perfect and beautiful, your daughters can be at risk. This season of focus on romance is a great opportunity for dads to counter the culture’s messages and teach about love from a biblical perspective. No matter the age of your daughter, this season […]
Written by Skip Prichard  
Posted on 10 February 2016
Shift Your State Anese Cavanaugh’s new work, is a terrific guide to upping your leadership and creating a positive, contagious atmosphere. After our first interview, I thought to ask Anese about some of her tips for shifting someone’s state. Why? Because …
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