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Written by Andrew T. Le Peau  
Posted on 26 April 2016

Bobby Fischer was a World Chess Champion who stood out as an eccentric genius in a field full of eccentric geniuses. As portrayed in the moviePawn Sacrifice, he walked out of a chess match complaining [...]

Written by John Maxwell  
Posted on 26 April 2016
The year was 1969.Fresh out of college and newly married to my long-time love, Margaret, I stepped into the sanctuary of my first church, in Hillham, Indiana. To say Hillham was small would be an understatement; when Margaret and I first moved there, the town consisted of eleven houses, two garages, and one grocery store. Even today, it is still small in many ways—for example, its Wikipedia page is only four sentences long!Despite its size, however, Hillham was a place of massive opportunity for Margaret and me. It was my first church, my first real taste of leadership, and my...}
Written by Carol Kent  
Posted on 10 April 2016

I was sitting in the visitation room, picking at the broken tabletop as I talked to my son. At that time, we were approaching sixteen years of visiting Jason, both in jail and in multiple prisons. I a [...]

Written by Charles Martin  
Posted on 31 March 2016
"Long Way Gone" pre-order sale.  $4.99. Hurry.  Jump on the train now and tell your friends.  This won't last.
Written by Ed Young  
Posted on 02 December 2015
Student ministry is on the bleeding edge of reaching the world, because it’s where the next leaders are coming from. Reaching the next generation is one of the most crucial and critical aspects of any church. And your student ministry could be one of the greatest growth catalysts for your church. But it’s not just […]
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